Good night Summoners, Ted's here

Fuck rank games. I got "trolls" team whenever i want to reach my winning streak. Just one more win I promote into Bronze IV. Why trolls always shows up when I want to get something worthy. I looked on my champs and runes. Oh god, I actually not ready for rank games. It's because of lacks of champs and skills for sure. So many things to do this year. So tonight was the last rank game I played, but not for long time. I'll back in the rank games whenever I ready for it. From now on, I'll always game with Reachi. Reachi's a girl. That's right, she's a gamer too. Just like me. I'm gonna play all PvPs game with her all day long. Just now i having a great time with her, Even though she's like to ks me all the time but it worthy. For Reachi, your mf rules, I'll support you till gg comes out. LOL ! Later.

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