Greetings Summoners, Ted's here. 

As you can see there is so many people start to play rank game. It's a good thing for all of us to experience how to play ranked games. But on the dark side, there are so many people suffering and stuck in ELO Hell. Even though ELO rating system is no longer visible to public, There is new system called "League Point". I though the new system was kinda cool that ELO rating. But then, I was merely wrong ! The LP system more insane and torturing. If lose a game, you will own -3 LP. And that will continues if you keep failing in ranking games.Word of advice, please don't rank if you not ready to. You make us hurts. Please for fuck sake. That's all for today, I already tired play rank games. Keep losing and blamed. So freaking tired right now. Gonna rest from ranking for awhile. Play normal better. 

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