Good Evening Summoners, Ted's here
Did you know that, if you win rank games three times in a row, you can get hot streak emblem. But it's not for a long time, It's based on your skills plays or rank games. If you lose one game, the emblem might be gone for a while. But today, I just got four winning streak in ranked games by using the only kick-ass matador in the league, Alistar. The most banned champion in ranked games. It's weird when I go rank game, they just let Alistar free. Why don't banned him ? I guess it's a free win. Fact about me, I never lose a ranked games using Alistar. And I just love to support all of my team, I was like their fucking nanny on that game, though. Now, I just qualified into Bronze Division IV. Damn, It's kinda hard to get though qualification stage. Must win two rank games in a row. I know, It sounds easy but on rank games, there will always a troller, fucking leaver, newbie, and the one-who-argue-if-got-ks. I hate them all. Need to focus on rank games now and study hard. Later

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