Hello guys, Ted's here.
FML ! Awkward conversation strikes again. 2 days earlier, a little walk to home. I noticed this girl was calling me, I responded her awfully. Well she's asks me a few awkward question that can avoid. Then I was like,

picture shows fat amy says: "Enough ! Enough !"
Omaigod, it's hard to forget that conversation happened. As you can see, I never had a great conversation with completely strangers, It's hard for "introvert" person. Sitting on the infront of the computer doing nothing but gaming. Lol, it's rhythm XD
Dear girl-who-talk-to-me-the-other-day, please don't asks any awkward question, I can't pretend to be stupid infront of you and don't ask about my examination result. I'm not as good as you, just a regular. (: Later.

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